COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

Skip the Trip with a Virtual Vet Consultation

To schedule an appointment phone or text: 512-482-8897

ZippiVet is now offering telehealth consults to our clients and our extended community. If you have a question or concern about your pet, you can skip the trip and call us from the safety of your home at a cost that is less than a house call or visit to the ER.

Some important details:

• ZippiVet connects you with our veterinary team, not a third-party veterinarian.
• Consultation fee is $59.00
• Not all ailments are good fits for telemedicine, but we are here to provide teletriage.

What is suitable for telemedicine visits?
• Allergies
• Coughing, sneezing, URI signs
• Dermatology
• External parasites (fleas, ticks, lice, etc.)
• Gastrointestinal upsets, intestinal parasites
• General wellness advice
• Hospice care
• Lameness evaluations
• Medication refills
• Nutritional counseling
• Post-surgical care, incision and suture checks
• Stressed/anxious pets

We will do our very best to be available to you and your pets; however, coverage is limited to working hours.

ZippiVet understands the stress of shelter in place and social distancing. We are proud to offer telehealth to provide a service to you and your pet that may eliminate even a small bit of these stressors during the unsettling time of COVID-19.


As we continue to navigate through the challenges posed by COVID-19, we’d like to share an update on how ZippiVet is responding. 

To continue offering services while keeping within CDC and WHO guidelines, ZippiVet is making significant social distancing changes in two primary areas:

Modifications to how appointments will be handled. We will not allow clients into the hospital except on an extremely limited basis. Technicians will escort pets inside.

Modifications to how medication refills will be handled.  We will not allow clients to walk into the hospital to pick up medication refills, except in urgent cases. Most prescriptions will be mailed. This info-email is being sent to explain these necessary changes as spelled out in detail below.


As of today, we will continue to see sick pet examinations, well pet examinations, and surgical and dental procedures.  The process for seeing these appointments has been modified to provide social distancing. 

Upon arrival, please remain in your car or outside the building and phone the appropriate number to let us know:

Zippivet North:  512-546-3960
Zippivet South Lamar:  512-566-3103
Zippivet Hutto:  512-668-9529
Zippivet Kyle:  512-546-7628

A technician will greet you at your car, retrieve your pet, and take them into the hospital.  If you have an extremely anxious pet, you will be asked to escort them into an exam room and return outside the building to wait until the appointment is completed.

All communications during your pet’s visit will be handled by phone.  This communication will be exactly the same as if it were in person.  Rest assured, no testing or treatment will be performed without your consent.

Once your pet’s visit is complete and all of your questions have been answered, payment will be made by credit card, and a technician will reunite you and your pet outdoors.


Due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, and also to provide better service to our clients, ZippiVet will no longer be offering walk-in pharmacy refills. Please request refills by calling 512-482-8897, option 3, or text your request to 512-482-8897 and provide the following information:

Your name
Pet’s name
Drug name, strength, and dosage instructions
Your mailing address with city, state, and zip code

If you prefer meds be shipped, or if you will be picking up, your request will be filled within 48 hours. Payment will be taken by phone via credit card, and your pet’s prescription will be sent by Priority Mail. We will notify you by text when the prescription has been shipped. If you need a medication urgently and must pick up in person, please let us know by phoning the appropriate number:

Zippivet North:  512-546-3960
Zippivet South Lamar:  512-566-3103
Zippivet Hutto:  512-668-9529
Zippivet Kyle:  512-546-7628

Also due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, we will no longer be able to fill prescriptions for a single dose of Nexgard and Heartgard. This will limit the number of visits and decrease the possibility of transmission of the virus. These medications will be readily dispensed in a box of 6 doses. Should you desire single-dose allotments, we can enroll you in our online pharmacy auto-ship program. 

Please feel free to reach out to us by phone:  512-482-8897 ­­­or email:

We are here to help you navigate this ever-changing situation. ZippiVet will continue to do our part to protect the pets and people of our amazing community. Be kind and be patient with one another and remember the only way out of this is to go through it together, although 6 feet apart!

The ZippiVet Doctors and Team

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