Read Your Cat’s Mind: Why Is My Cat Meowing?

Read Your Cat’s Mind: Why Is My Cat Meowing?

Cats are mysterious creatures. One of the chief delights of having a cat is watching it find new ways to be silly and weird. Kitties can also be very vocal. Chances are, you’ve heard your cat being quite noisy and wondered, “Why is my cat meowing?” There are lots of reasons for why cats meow. Some cats are chatty kitties and may meow for anything from hunger to simply saying hello, while other felines may be more the strong, silent type – but it’s important to pay attention to these seemingly random noises as meows can tell you a lot about your cat’s health. 

Though the reason your cat may be meowing can vary greatly, it’s important to know that when cats do meow it’s to communicate with YOU. While dogs are pack animals who depend on communication to interact with each other, cats are solitary animals and developed vocalizing largely to communicate with humans (when they do meow at other cats it’s usually to avert them). So what are they saying? Here are a few reasons your cat may be meowing.

Illness or pain

If you notice your cat’s meows suddenly becoming more frequent, louder or at unusual times, they could be signaling to you that they are hurt. Cats can be very good at hiding the fact that they are sick and meowing may be their way alerting you that they aren’t feeling well.  Observe your cat closely for additional signs of illness including loss of appetite, lethargy, withdrawal or hiding and change in temperament.


As your furry feline ages, you may notice that they are becoming disoriented or having trouble with their eyesight or hearing. This can cause your cat to meow loudly when they are confused, frustrated or just plain lost.


Cats do not deal well with change and anything from moving to a new house, introducing a new pet or family member to the household, or even just moving around the furniture can cause some cats to be stressed out. Increased meowing may be a sign of just how displeased they are with the situation. Make sure to try to relieve their anxiety as much as possible by carefully introducing them to any new members or ensuring their comfort with familiar objects.


If you happen to be late to dinner time, your kitten may be ready and waiting at the food bowls with a chorus of meows to chide you. Like many animals, your cat thrives on routine and if you aren’t feeding them at the same time expect an angry kitten. Make sure you are feeding your cat plenty of food for their weight and activity level and maintaining a routine.

Just chatting

Sometimes you may just have a chatty cat. Whether they are saying hello or responding to you when you talk to them, some cats just love a good meow.

If you feel that your cat is meowing excessively from illness, pain or troubles with age make an appointment with ZippiVet immediately. Meowing from pain could alert your vet to a variety of problems – from thyroid and kidney illnesses to teeth or mouth issues. The vets and vet techs at ZippiVet will be able give your cat a full check up and provide solutions to any health issues as well as provide recommendations for aging and stress issues.