Why Does My Cat…? Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

Why Does My Cat…? Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

Any feline fanatic will tell you that cats are beautiful, majestic, mysterious, and incredible. They will also probably confide in you that sometimes cats can be downright strange. Have you ever wondered why your cat does certain things? Read on to learn about strange cat behaviors and what we know about them.

Why Does My Cat Chirp?

We often see cats staring out the window at a bird at the feeder or a squirrel in a tree and making the most adorable chirping noise. Often this happens in conjunction with a chattering motion of the jaw.

While we are not totally sure why cats do this, it is a common behavior. Some speculate that it has something to do with frustration as it is often observed in pets who are indoors stalking prey outdoors. Others think that it is an instinctual action that happens when cats are practicing their kill-bite they would use if they were to catch that little critter taunting them outside of the window.

Why Does My Cat Head Butt and Knead Me?

Head-butting is a behavior cats seem to use to tell us that they feel secure. During this action they are also spreading facial pheromones onto you, allowing their scent to remain and marking you as theirs. This also happens during kneading behavior. When your cat “makes biscuits” on you, he or she is likely marking you. Most times this conveys contentment, however some cats may knead out of anxiety.

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Dead Things?

Your cat sure knows how to pick the perfect gift. After all, you have probably always wanted a dead mouse on your doorstep, right? Cats are notorious for leaving their owners little presents, sometimes in their entirety. So what on Earth explains this strange cat behavior?

Some behaviorists speculate that your cat may be mimicking the action of his or her mother bringing prey back when he or she was a kitten. It’s the feline way of saying thank you and acknowledging that you are part of the family. Gee, thanks.

Why Does My Cat Shove Himself into Small Spaces?

Have you seen the YouTube famous cat Maru and his obsession with fitting himself into boxes? Most cat owners find these videos funny because they can relate. It is not uncommon to see our feline friends shoved into a tight spot.

If you think about this behavior, it makes some sense. Small spaces are cozy and secure. If cats in the wild slept out in the open, they would be quite vulnerable. It is instinctual for them to find themselves a safe little den to relax in.

How Come My Cat Tears Through the House and Other Strange Cat Behaviors

You are sitting on the couch, watching your favorite television show and suddenly, out of nowhere, here comes Tiger tearing through the house like his tail is on fire. It can be a funny, but not uncommon, cat behavior.

Cats are hunters and thrive on catching prey. In an environment where they are not exercising these skills, cats will often imagine prey and hunt it down as a way to burn off steam.

Because cats lean towards being more nocturnal, these behaviors often occur later in the day. Many a cat owner has described the bedtime crazies in their pet. Your cat’s nocturnal nature is also responsible for your bedtime kitty serenade.

Cats are incredible and interesting creatures, and we cannot even begin to go into every single strange cat behavior. While some behaviors can be a sign of a medical problem, most kitty quirks are behavioral in nature.

If you have any questions about your cat and why he or she does certain things, feel free to talk to us at ZippiVet – Austin’s most trusted pet hospital. We love cats just as much as you do, and if we don’t know the answer we will find out!