Doggie Dental Time: 5 Signs It’s Not Just Puppy Breath

Doggie Dental Time: 5 Signs It’s Not Just Puppy Breath

Like you, your dogs can be plagued with dental issues. Dogs suffer from buildup of gingivitis, periodontal disease, and even painful tooth infections or rotting teeth. However, unlike humans, dogs don’t have the ability to speak up and let you know that their tooth is bothering them or how badly it hurts. It’s up to you, as the loving pet owner, to be aware of any dental issues that may be affecting your pup and provide preventative care so they can have a happy, healthy smile.

That’s why ZippiVet offers full comprehensive dental care for dogs—from routine dental checks, to cleanings to advanced treatment of any oral issues. Our professional staff is dedicated to healthy pups—so right now, we’re offering $50 off dental procedures! Stop in for a dental cleaning, check up, or for helpful tips on home canine dental care, as well as the essentials of preventative care.

Signs your pooch may need dental care:

  1. Bad breath: There’s a big difference between puppy breath and dirty, sewer breath. Excessively bad breath on your hound can be a sign of mouth disease and gingivitis.
  2. Swelling or tenderness in their mouth: If your dog is suddenly reluctant to eat hard food, seems to favor chewing on one side of their mouth, has visible swelling in the mouth or loose teeth, this can be a sign of tartar, gingivitis or a critical infection such as periodontal disease.
  3. Excessive drooling: While some breeds may be natural droolers, if your pooch is drooling much more than normal or if the drool has traces of blood it in it, this can be a sign of dental problems.
  4. Lumps and bumps: When you’re brushing your dog’s teeth or checking out their mouths make sure to check for lumps on the gums (which may be tumors) and hard bumps or cysts underneath the tongue.
  5. Behavioral changes: One of the biggest signs your dog may be sick or in need of dental care is changes in behavior. If they have suddenly lost interest in their favorite toys or games or suddenly seem sluggish and disoriented get them to the vet immediately.

The most important thing you can do to ensure your pup has a healthy smile is regular brushing and making a point to pay attention to their gum and teeth health. Dental issues can result in painful swelling or loose teeth, making it difficult to eat, or infections can enter the bloodstream through the mouth, causing long term damage to the kidney or liver. If your dog is exhibiting any of the signs of dental disease, come to ZippiVet today for a thorough check up with your $50 off coupon.