Dog Flu Symptoms to Watch For

Dog Flu Symptoms to Watch For

So. We’ve got bad news and we’ve got good news.

The bad news is that dog flu has been showing up in the U.S. again.

The good news? We provide fast and thorough vet care so you can help your pup way before there’s an any issue, all without breaking the bank.

But what if it’s too late?

Dog Flu Signs & Symptoms
The dog flu is tricky. Its cough may resemble kennel cough, or a bacterial or viral infection. Unlike with humans, there is no dog flu season and infections can occur year-round.

Most infected dogs get the more mild strain and it starts with a soft, moist cough, or a dry cough that’s similar to kennel cough or bordetella (the canine version of the common cold). H3N8 shows respiratory symptoms 2 to 3 days after exposure and dogs infected with H3N2 may start showing signs at between 2 and 8 days. Dogs are most contagious during the 2- to 4-day incubation period and before they show any symptoms, which is how it can spread to many dogs fast.

When Should Get My Dog to the Vet for Treatment?
When your dog starts to cough, it’s time to get them checked out, especially if they’ve been at a dog park, kennel, or groomer that week.

To prevent transmission of the virus, dogs infected with canine flu, as well as other pets in the household, should be isolated for 4 weeks, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Come in to ZippiVet if you suspect your sweet little pal might have contracted the dog flu, or if you want to vaccinate your pet to prevent him or her the discomfort.

Since the two flu virus strains are not related we recommend that dogs at risk should be vaccinated against both. You can call, text, or request an appointment online for any one of our four convenient locations!