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Best Dog Breeds For Families

Best Dog Breeds For Families

In Austin, we love our pets. Really, truly, maybe even a little too much love our pets. Most of the people who visit our Austin animal hospital see their dogs as extended furry family members. (Don’t worry, that’s normal, so do our veterinarians, vet techs and staff.)

If you’re looking to add to your family, it’s important to know that some breeds are more family-friendly than others. Here are a few breeds that make for great family pets!

First, and most loved in the Austin area, we have the mutt. Rescue a mixed-breed dog and it will be devoted to you for life. Visit a local shelter and find a mid to large size dog that will be perfect for your family; smaller dogs like Chihuahuas and Yorkies can be difficult for families with children as they can be overlooked during roughhousing and stepped on. Find the perfect dog for your family by choosing one that matches the energy level in your house – nothing that needs more exercise than you have time to give, or it will end up back in the shelter.

Next we have the Beagle. The regal Beagle is friendly, sturdy, and makes a great nanny for kids (Snoopy wasn’t Charlie Brown’s companion for nothing). They can be a little high maintenance in terms of grooming but well worth it when you see the bond between the dog and your children. The downside? Some can be pretty pleased with their own howling skills. Beagles can be prone to skin problems, so be sure to come see ZippiVet for regular checkups.

Another great family dog is the English Bulldog. Nothing can take down the strong and steady bulldog, even a rough and tumble play time. If space is an issue, the bulldog is just as happy in a small apartment as in a sprawling mansion.

If your kids need an active play pal, consider a Bull Terrier. Bull Terriers are smart, friendly and energetic, but also have an overall calm nature and don’t stress or spook easily. They are also incredibly sweet and protective of children and do well in large, busy households.

Less well-known is the Vizsla, who is loyal, quiet and affectionate. However, the Vizsla is very energetic and needs a lot of exercise. This breed is very intelligent and loves to learn tricks, so you and your kids can bond by training the dog together.

Collies love nothing more than to make their families happy. They are extremely intelligent and easily trainable (think Lassie), but do have a high maintenance long-haired coat. This beautiful breed makes a wonderful family dog.

Known for their size, the Newfoundland is the unexpected ultimate family dog. This breed loves people and loves to keep an eye on its pack members, especially the children. The Newfoundland’s nickname is actually “Nature’s Nanny,” as they seem to have a maternal instinct that makes them natural baby sitters. They are large dogs so they aren’t made for apartments, but they will love you and your family with a fierce loyalty.

The Standard Poodle is very smart, gentle, and good-natured, making it an excellent family dog. They do not shed a lot, which helps anyone with allergies, and they are of a solid stature for children who like to play around. Don’t be mistaken, though. Miniature poodles are not good with children. They are very hyperactive, high strung, and need to be coddled.

One of America’s sweethearts, the Labrador Retriever; there’s almost no way you could go wrong. Labs are protective, loyal, reliable, sweet, and playful. They love to learn tricks, play with children, and lie at your feet at night.

The lovely Golden Retriever is brother to the Labrador but with a few noted differences. They have a shorter life span, around twelve years at the most. They are famed for their extreme patience, despite being highly energetic, and are known to be useful with children.

Once you find the perfect pup for your family, ZippiVet can help you create an ideal health and wellness plan for a lifetime of happiness!