An Adoption Success Story for a Puppy in Need

An Adoption Success Story for a Puppy in Need

Austin’s population is exploding, and so is our pet population. As we approach Austin’s sixth year as the largest No-Kill City in the nation, we are thankful for everyone that works tirelessly to help our animal friends. We also realize that without support from the community, organizations like Austin Pets Alive and Austin Animal Center would be tasked with the impossible.

You’ve probably noticed that ZippiVet is a proud supporter of Austin Pets Alive, but did you know that in 2017 ZippiVet decided to help Austin Animal Center out by donating $5,000 worth of veterinary dental services per month? This means that a dog or cat that might never get adopted because of severe dental disease now has a chance at a happy, healthy, and pain-free life.

Our most recent patient success story is Sheena. Sheena’s owner passed away and Sheena was found on her owner’s lap. Terrified and heartbroken, she was taken to Austin Animal Center for her chance to find a forever family.

Sheena had quite the time making a positive impression on prospective parents due to her shy and apprehensive nature. An exceptional AAC Volunteer swooped in and decided to foster Sheena until a permanent home could be found. After working with Sheena to bolster her confidence around strangers, there was only one thing holding Sheena back: horrific dental disease.

AAC reached out to us and mentioned Sheena would be a good candidate for our donation program. We fell in love with her at first sight, and after an extensive dental procedure with multiple extractions, we’re happy to report that Sheena has made a complete recovery and found her forever home last week.