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It Only Takes One Bite

The bad news: Heartworm disease can be fatal to dogs and cats. The good news: You can easily protect your pet from heartworm disease. Texas ranks among the top 10 states where heartworm disease is most prevalent. Unfortunately, this means our pets are at a higher risk than those that live in more northern states. … Read moreIt Only Takes One Bite

Keep Your Kids Worm Free

Dogs and cats may become infected with an internal or external parasite at some point in their lifetime. These parasites can cause everything from simple irritation to life-threatening conditions if they are left untreated. What’s more, some pet parasites can be transferred to you or your children. At ZippiVet, we’re often asked about the diseases … Read moreKeep Your Kids Worm Free

Protect Their Heart And Yours: Heartworm in Dogs

It’s a known fact that heartworm is, quite literally, heartbreaking. Luckily, this deadly disease is easily avoidable with proper preventative care. One little pill or topical a month can save your dog a whole lot of pain and solitary confinement and save you lots of money and heartbreak. How do dogs get heartworm? Like many … Read moreProtect Their Heart And Yours: Heartworm in Dogs

Out For Blood: Preventing Fleas And Ticks

We can have some great weather here in Austin. Our long, hot summers and short, not-so-cold winters attract people and pets from all over. Unfortunately, Austin’s warm and humid climate also makes it the perfect breeding grounds for fleas and ticks, which can cause a host of problems for our pets, and for us.

Read moreOut For Blood: Preventing Fleas And Ticks