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Foods You Didn’t Know Dogs Can’t Eat

Dogs are beggars. Their big, wet, innocent eyes and supernaturally sweet demeanors make them pretty much impossible to deny. They want to hop up in bed with us? Fine, come on up. They don’t want us to leave the house? Okay, okay we won’t go out. We don’t need friends anyway. We have you, doggo! … Read moreFoods You Didn’t Know Dogs Can’t Eat

Hunger Strikes: Why Your Cat Won’t Eat

There are many urban legends and idioms surrounding cats and their resilience – including the idea that cats have nine lives or land on their feet all the time. However, our feline friends are also some of the most sensitive pets and can be prone to depression, anxiety or illness when change occurs. When your … Read moreHunger Strikes: Why Your Cat Won’t Eat